Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations
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The area of dynamical systems, as a mathematical discipline, was born about 100 years ago with the pioneering works of A. M. Lyapunov on stability theory and H. Poincare on celestial mechanics. Even though dynamics is a relatively old area of science, one is struck by the crescendo of research papers on dynamical issues which have come on the scene during the last two decades. At this point in time, we do not yet have the perspective to fully explain this development. Nevertheless, part of the explanation, which was heralded with the discovery of the Lorenz attractor in 1963, will undoubtedly be the recent successes in obtaining a better understanding of mathematical models which lie on the interface between finite and infinite dimensional dynamical systems.

The Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations has been founded to help address the research needs of scholars of dynamical systems. The Editors seek original papers on the theory of the dynamics of differential equations (ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, stochastic differential equations, and functional differential equations) and their discrete analogs. Papers dealing with computational results and/or applications in biology, engineering, physics, and the other sciences are welcome. We also welcome papers in other areas of mathematics which have direct bearing on the dynamics of differential equations.

The dynamical issues treated in this journal cover all of the classical topics, including: attractors, bifurcation theory, connection theory, dichotomies, ergodic theory, finite and infinite dimensional systems, index theory, invariant manifolds, Lyapunov exponents, normal forms, singular perturbations, stability theory, symmetries, topological methods, and transversality. In addition, the editors seek papers on dynamics in new and emerging areas, such as the dynamics of approximation theory, inertial manifolds, pattern formation, renormalization methods, and scattering theory. Special emphasis is placed on papers dealing with high dimensional and/or infinite dimensional problems.

The Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations is published quarterly by PLENUM PUBLISHERS. Manuscripts and editorial inquiries should be sent to the Editor, George R. Sell. Please send subscription inquiries and orders directly to the publisher.

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